Your membership gives you a voice in the planning of events and helps fund family activities,

special events, teacher and grade-level grants, assemblies, field trips and so much more!


Membership is just $15 for the year!

On the fence about joining the PTSA?

We've received a lot of questions lately asking what signing up for the PTSA means. It doesn't obligate you to attend the meetings or to spend time volunteering. We love our volunteers but we understand that not everyone has the time or interest - and that's okay! There will never be any pressure from our PTSA members to commit to anything.

Every paid membership we have helps Brownsville - and adds support to local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families. In addition, it qualifies you for discounts at select businesses at a state and national level.

Become a Volunteer

Part of what makes Brownsville such an amazing school for our kids are parents like you! Take a moment to fill out our volunteer interest formand let us know what programs and activities you'd be interested in helping out with. This will get you put onto email lists for the different events and committees so you can stay informed.

PTA Membership Benefits

Brownsville Membership Benefits:

  • FREE admission to events like Bingo Night
  • Help support our students with your paid membership
  • Joining will get you a Washington State PTA Membership card that you can print and use to get discount from various businesses and associations that support WSPTAs mission and vision.


Did you know your PTSA Membership gets you discounts at places like Office Depot, Car Rentals, Silverwood Theme Park, Wild Waves Theme & Water Park and more.


    To learn more about these discounts, go to the benefits and discount codes page.